Sustainable Livelihoods

The Jaipur Foot

In association with Bhagwan Viklang Sahayata Samiti, we have given over 25,600 differently-abled individuals an opportunity to lead a productive life. The gift of a Jaipur foot is often the first step to independent living for many who otherwise have to go through life with a disadvantage.

Creating Livelihood Opportunities

Our project in Nashik, Maharashtra focused on enhancing the employability of youth. Community centres were opened to enable members to connect with each other with the purpose of learning more about opportunities for work. Over 3200 youth were trained in various vocational skills such as basics of computers, mobile repairing, tailoring, grooming, personality development and resume writing. All these efforts resulted in a workforce of youth who were ready for employment.

Our endeavours in Rayagada, Odisha along with our NGO partner PRADAN was aimed at eliminating poverty through building livelihood opportunities. We introduced initiatives related to resource management and agriculture and allied activities to help the local communities. The idea was to build income generating potential to supplement the meagre and limited means of living. An innovative strategy was used in five villages where women farmers were organized into producer groups. By doing so, they were included in decision making which boosted their self-esteem. Their skills and knowledge on practices and technologies were also upgraded. Other sustainability projects included land leveling, building farm ponds and small earthen check dams, constructing ring wells and encouraging horticulture.

We are greatly encouraged by the success of our work towards building lives through sustainable livelihoods. Our project here is complete, we are proud to have improved the lives for over 2,000 tribal families through new avenues of income generation.