Madhya Pradesh Impacting indigenous people in khalwa block of Madhya Pradesh.

Innovation in child care for the indigenous community

Our child health project in the Khalwa block, in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh, aims to address malnutrition, ensure complete immunisation and promote good sanitation and hygiene practices. Till date, it has successfully reached out to over 150 villages of the Korku tribes.

In collaboration with our NGO partner, Spandan Samaj Seva Samiti, we conduct health camps, home visits to monitor and counsel mothers of children between the age 0 to 5 years and malnourished children, provide ambulatory care service, backyard nutrition gardens, create role-model anganwadis, and community crèches for the tribal villages.

Over the years, we have succeeded in creating a viable model of community-based malnutrition management that has helped malnourished children recover in the community itself.

Strategic Interventions to address the problem of Infant and Child Mortality