Nairobi, Kenya Reaching out to the local community in Nairobi.

Interventions for improving health - Kibera

Taking our initiative globally, we reached out to the local community in Nairobi who were susceptible to disease due to high malnutrition and low immunity. Children being the most vulnerable were among the worst affected in this area.

Our project “Lishe Bora Mtaani��? in the villages of Kianda, Soweto and Gatwekera of Kibera in Nairobi is aimed at improving the health of infants and children. We employ innovative strategies such as Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), mobile messaging, Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition (IMAM) and regular health screenings to address child health issues.

Along with our NGO partner, Carolina for Kibera and the local Health Department, we have achieved our objective of reaching out to 11,276 households.

Innovations Strategies for High Impact