Meri Poushtik Rasoi

“Meri Poushtik Rasoi” - Addressing the issue of malnutrition

The pan India “Meri Poushtik Rasoi” cooking contest was initiated in 2018 as a part our 360 degree approach to address the issue of malnutrition. This contest in partnership with Idobro Impact Solution was introduced with the aim of identifying, collating and appreciating the nutrition rich native recipes that we have in our Indian cuisine. These can offer a very potent answer to curb malnutrition at a community level both in urban and rural areas using local and traditional ingredients, methods and knowledge. The competition also serves to collectively gather knowledge about food that is traditional, nutritious and above all, relevant to local context and therefore be taken to a wider audience for advocacy around a healthier lifestyle. Over 3 seasons, the contest received 1,500 entries from 114 cities, 23 states and 3 union territories across India.